Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slow-Cooked Beef Ribs

At the store this week I noticed some beef-back ribs hanging out in the meat section and on sale. I couldn't recall ever seeing these guys in the meat section before so I decided to snatch them up. 6 ribs for $5 seems like a good deal since when you go out for ribs 2-3 runs you about $12 with sides.

I had no idea how to cook them when I got home but thought I might use the crock pot. I searched for recipes high and low on the food network, martha stewart and google and came up with nothing. I don't know why it wasn't working.

So then I went on over to Crockpot365. This woman made a crockpot recipe each day for a whole year! I figured she probably knows what she's doing and followed her recipe omitting the green onions and using a little less than full bottle of bbq sauce.

My omitions did nothing to the final product, I thought the ribs were good although not that flavorful. My husband ate them but had nothing good to say about them. I recommend rubbing the ribs with some spices first to gjve the dish a little more flavor. I didn't really notice the onion or garlic at all. The presentation also looked a little gross. I recommend cutting the meat off the bone and then serving it. Cutting the meat off will be no problem, the meat was tender, moist and had a great texture. I would make these again with a few more spices...although since my husband didn't like them much I don't really see a future of making them again.

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