Friday, February 4, 2011

New Product: Hubert's Lemonade

I was so thirsty when I got to the store to stock up on a few things I needed. I had already finished my two water bottles in the car (that were only a quarter full to begin with) and then talked on the phone for a while and the sun was beating down through the windows.

I really wanted to go to Porto's and get an iced mocha. They have the best iced mocha in town. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out my route with a grocery store and time to stop there, so I held back the urge and just went to Ralph's.

As I walked in, I noticed the cold beverage section near the deli. I glanced over and saw the familiar blue "New Product" sticker under this bottle of Hubert's Lemonade and Hubert's Raspberry Lemonade. Perfect! A drink AND a product review.

As I strolled around the store picking out my other items and my arms got loaded down with more things, I glanced at the calories on this bottle of lemonade. 70 calories a serving, bottle for 2. Reasonable actually, far more reasonable than other lemonades on the market.

And then I got in my car (after avoiding the creepy homeless guy following me) and tasted it and I can tell why it doesn't have that many calories. Because that lemonade doesn't have enough sugar. It may have been made with the best California lemons but it was a little tart for my taste. I thought, though, that if it was served in a chilled glass with that crystallized sugar around the top--like they serve lemonade at the Cheesecake Factory, it would have tasted a lot better.

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leyhai said...

it may be good and all, but the branding has definitely been stolen...

check out

go to "work" and click on the yellow and green image "Nada Lada Lemonada" - made in 2009