Thursday, February 24, 2011

Edamame Dip

Every time I walk through the frozen vegetable aisle I look for something delicious and I can never picture a bag of anything on our dinner table or in my hand for a snack. At Japanese restaurants I love the edamame, sucking the beans out of the salty shells. At the store I noticed I could buy soybeans already shelled. So I did...twice and I thought it was new every time! One day, in an attempt to be really healthy I made myself a snack of soybeans. They were so gross! I could barely eat the small bowl I made! They had no flavor no matter how much salt I poured in. So I started browsing the internet for things to do with these disgusting by themselves beans.

On one blog I found an Edamame Ginger Dip. It sounded great--but I wasn't about to make a whole dip just for me! The other thing is that the people we see most--Joey's family, by in large would not eat this dip. Today I finally have a reason! My parents are coming down tomorrow to do some work around the house so I thought I'd make this dip for them to snack on! I'm serving it with pita chips (hardest thing to find in the store btw, all chips should be together!) but I think it would be just as good with peppers--if only those weren't so expensive right now!

I made the dip already and tasted it and it is seriously delicious. Serve it with vegetables and you've got yourself one healthy snack!


Jenny said...

I would have eaten that dip.

Carrie said...

You hate ginger.