Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce - Logo Discussion

It is true this is the lowest light poorest picture I could've taken for a comparison shot, but you know, sometimes picture taking is not a high priority. Sometimes eating dinner is a higher priority.

Today I made beef ribs (read about them next!) and I used up our bottle of Cattlemen's Classic BBQ sauce (left). I decided to buy more sauce for serving tonight so I went to the fancy Ralph's on Alameda and perused the sauce section. I wanted to get the same kind that I used for cooking so there was no weird flavor meld.

There are lots of kinds of sauce and when I finally found Cattlemen's I was disappointed to see a total label change. I see what they were going for, but I think the change makes the sauce look less authentic and more generic like the Select or Ralph's brand products. I like how the edges are a little rough but I do not like the new conservative font. I like the sauce, so it probably won't hurt my buying it but if I had never tried it and it was standing there on the shelf with all the others I might just pass it up, cause I'd assume it was the store brand and then wonder why it wasn't at store-brand prices.

Cattlemen's I am no brand designer, but I do a little online marketing and advertising and I think this new branding is boring--go back to your fun "right off the ranch" look, please?

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Jenny said...

I like the new one better (easier to read, nicer colors, deckled edge), but perhaps with the classic logo.