Monday, July 21, 2008

Old Fashioned Cucumber Salad

Bev often made pickled cucumbers during the summer. Always a family favorite and something I enjoy -- you just have to think about it ahead of time since there is a lot of "sitting" time.

The recipe . . .

2-3 medium cucumbers and 1 T salt

3/4 cup white vinegar (although I have used cider vinegar sometimes)
2 T sugar
1/4 t. pepper
1 medium onion, thinly sliced (optional, but I generally include)

Wash cucumbers. Pat dry and score with tines of folk (or you can peel them if the skin is tough). Cut into transparent, paper-thin slices to measure 4 cups.

Place cucumber slices in deep bowl; sprinkle every few layers with salt. Cover cucumbers with a plate and weight them down with a heavy object (a heavy can will do). Let stand at room temperature 2 hours.

Drain cucumber thoroughly and press out remaining liquid. Put cucumbers and onion in container. Stir together vinegar, sugar and pepper; pour over slices. Cover; refrigerate at least 4 hours. Drain cucumbers before serving.


Liz said...

one of my fav's!

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting this recipe! I needed it today and here it is on our blog. How convenient!