Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It

Deviled Eggs
It is a dish for which everyone seems to have their own recipe. I even found a website dedicated to the subject (
Deviled egg website). I thought it might be interesting to discuss on the blog . . . assuming it is not too old fashioned for all you modern cooks.
Boiling the eggs . . .

For a long time I used to put the eggs in cold water, bring it to a boil, cover the pot, take the pot off the heat and then let it sit for 17 minutes. Now, I use this nifty egg timer device that changes color as the eggs cook.

Cool down the eggs in cold water (to prevent the ugly green ring around the yolks).

Using older eggs makes them easier to peel, but I recently read that adding salt (liberally) to the water makes even really fresh eggs peel easier. I tried it and it does seem to work.

Probably a good idea to make a few extras . . . they don't always peel no matter what you do

Making the filling . . . I don’t really have a ‘recipe’ for the eggs – it is really to taste. I mash the yolks with a fork and then add mayonnaise and dry mustard to taste – add a little at a time given the adage that you can always add more but can’t take it out once added. I add salt to taste (sometimes it doesn’t need any). This is how Mom made them and I don’t feel the need to change.

Now, people I know add pickle juice (and cut up pickle) and a lot of the recipes call for a little vinegar but I am not tempted. The website indicated a huge variety of ingredients that people use.

Serving them . . .
Well, what else to use but a deviled egg dish (I own two plus a Tupperware holder if transport is needed) but if you don’t have one, a plate will do.

Now, do you top them or not? Mom always sprinkled with paprika to add color – sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I know Jake likes them with a little paprika on top.

So, do any of you make deviled eggs? If so, what is your recipe?


Kathy said...

I like the easy method - eat yours as they are delicious and you don't add any "special" ingredients. I liked the way you showed some with and some without the paprika. Either way works for me!

Carrie said...

Is there any trick to not making your house smell like eggs when you boil eggs?

Where'd you get that cool egg timer thing?

Nadine said...

Kath and I were enjoying some of the deviled eggs this morning and Kath felt that the paprika added some nice flavor.

Carrie, I guess I don't feel that my house smells like eggs when i boil them -- I actually put the timer on sometimes so I don't forget that I am cooking them.

I found the egg timer at the hardware store -- as I remember it wasn't very expensive. The hardware store (not a home improvement center like Home Depot) has so many cool things. I think I was just wandering in the homeware section when I came across it.

Liz said...

I like the simplicity of your version! & I am with Aunt K...eating your eggs is my favorite way to do it!

I didn't know Jake liked the paprika topping....!!!