Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pickled Herring Bites

Pickled herring is one of my favorite holiday treats. It isn't something I buy any other time of year but I always hope it is on the Christmas Eve or Christmas table. Unfortunately, not many people share my love for pickled herring. I knew, however, that at least one other person in my family would eat the herring and so I decided to serve it at our party.

I happened to read a recipe in Eat Well for a pickled herring paired with potatoes, sour cream, onions and dill. This appetizer was the biggest hit on the buffet table. The flavors mixed really well together making the herring more of a bing bang zing.

1 4 oz jar pickled herring (I used the ones in vinegar but you could use the ones in cream sauce--buy them at IKEA! Such a good deal!)
1 sprig fresh dill
2 or 3 red potatoes, boiled but still sturdy
1 T or so of plain yogurt or sour cream (I used greek style plain yogurt)
1/4 chopped red onion

1. Boil potatoes but make sure they are still sturdy enough to be cut into slices and hold the herring. Cool potatoes and then slice potatoes hamburger style into thin but sturdy slices
2. Top potatoes with a slice of herring (cut them in half if they are big), a dollop of yogurt, a sprinkling of red onion and dill. Keep cold until guests arrive.

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