Monday, January 10, 2011

New Product: La Tortilla Factory Corn Tortillas

A few weeks ago I noticed these new La Tortilla factory tortillas in the grocery store set apart from the other tortillas near the cheese aisle. I picked up a package and couldn't believe how soft they felt. I put it down and went on with my shopping.

But I did not forget them. This week, I had occasion to make a Mexican meal. I went back to the aisle and picked up these corn tortillas. I was not disappointed.

These tortillas are made in Santa Rosa, CA. They are local and maybe for that reason fresher than other store-bought tortillas. They come in packages of eight which is a good size for our family of two. The tortillas are soft and malleable right out of the bag. When heated in a skillet they preserve their soft texture. These tortillas taste more like the kind you would make at home. They are thicker and fresh and delicious. I used these for enchiladas and they added both flavor and texture to the dish. I will buy these again without question. If they are available in your local market, go for it.

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