Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Product - Mini Delights

When I was in Chicago for Valentine's Day, I bought a Betty Crocker Molten Chocolate Cake Mini Delight. It is a little chocolate cake that is warm and ready to eat in 2 minutes and 30 seconds just for one! I thought it would be a perfect treat.

I mixed the cake mix and water together and spread the fudge (in lines? impossible)

1 minute and 30 seconds later (I didn't let it sit for the full 2 minutes)

The results were mildly disappointing. The cake looked nothing like the picture--more sporadic with the fudge. The cake wasn't exactly sweet enough to me--it sort of tasted like box with fudge.

After two bites (which is practically the whole thing), I decided to add a scoop of Haagen Daas Peppermint Bark ice cream. If you know anything about Haagen Daas, you know that they have strong flavors. Once I added the the ice cream the molten cake tasted better but still not outstanding.

Next time I'll stick with regular brownies...or cake...

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Jenny said...

Hey! That's my ice cream!!!