Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets - Onion Fork

As I have been building my wedding registry, I have been hard pressed to come up with numerous kitchen utensils and appliances that I love, want AND need. I fully believe that I could have one of those kitchens filled with things I never use--but then again, at least I'll have everything.

This section will cover utensils, gadgets and appliances that I think (or others might participate!) are either very useful, or alternatively, a pass.

Last June, Joey and I moved my parents things out of their rented CA apartment. We sorted through a variety of things and chose to keep some and give away others. One thing that caught my eye was my mom's onion fork. Prior to the adoption of this fork, I had a difficult time chopping onions into uniform cubes.

Everything changed when the O.F. came into my life. It holds the onion in place while you make cuts between each of its tines. Then you cut parallel lines around it and you end up with very uniform chopped onion. Perfection!

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