Monday, August 1, 2011

Snoqualmie Ice Cream

It was hot this weekend. I decided to go shopping in the middle of the hot day. Bad idea. I ended up with some new yogurt drinks, some cold milk, some stuff I actually needed and cherry limeade. And then, while I was spending some time browsing the frozen section for something reasonably healthy that we could keep around the house for emergency dinners (aka nobody feels like cooking or leaving the house), I spied some ice cream I've never heard of...on sale.

Remember, it was hot, and ice cream sounded like a swell idea! So I went over to the freezer to check it out. Snoqualmie Ice cream. That name, snoqualmie came back to me from my days spent in WA during college. That name reminded me of mountains and lush landscapes and snow. Oooh so cold! What a delight.

The flavors were varied but the actual containers few. Honey Cinnamon Custard, Mukilteo Mudd Ice Cream, Caramel Gingersnap Gelato--all three a different type of frozen dessert. How to choose, how to choose? Somehow I ended up with Honey Cinnamon Custard. I'm 99% sure it was due to the Custard ending. Frozen custard is up there on the list with stuffed spinach pizza of foods I miss the very most from life in the Midwest.

Against my better judgement, I left the store with ice cream in hand. I had a spoonful to give it a taste late in the evening. It was soft and very cinnamony. The rich and creamy layers of milky goodness stay with me even hours after my first spoonful. It was seriously delicious. If you see the cute little cabin in the snowy woods on your next trip to the store. Buy it. And let me know which flavor is best!

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