Thursday, August 4, 2011


California has year-round farmer's markets filled with fresh produce. We're already lucky to be able to get stuff that the Midwest sees only some months throughout the year; but I always leave wanting more.

I yearn for a farmer's market like they must have in Hawaii, with oodles of tropical fruits--50 different kinds of mangos, 10 varieties of bananas, tropical fruits I've never tasted.

At this week's farmer's market just that happened. I was browsing the market at tortoise speed (nobody ever seems to be in a hurry in Santa Monica) and I spotted something new. Dragonfruit. It was sort of expensive at first glance, but then the guy game a 3 for $5 deal. I think it's pretty obvious that he didn't grow these himself, but I guess there's the possibility that he did...

I looked up some dragonfruit information on the interwebs and learned that lots of people think it tastes a little like kiwi. I also learned how to cut it and that the flesh can be either purple or white!

I thought that this dragonfruit tasted like peppery kiwi, in a good way. It is definitely my favorite fruit but I think it tops the charts for different and fun!

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