Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carmela Ice Cream

At last week and this past week's farmer's markets in Burbank a cute little ice cream truck has parked itself across from the berry seller. The blue truck has a chalkboard sign set out in front and a cherry ice cream man calling out about free samples from the window.

Sure, the farmer's market is before noon on Saturday morning, but what kind of morning is complete without a little bit of ice cream? Previously I have always been able to resist the frozen yogurt samples at the market, but Carmela caught me, and reeled me in.

Carmela Ice Cream is a shop in Pasadena. I've never seen it nor heard of it but that's mostly because when we are in Pasadena and thinking of ice cream we're headed to our favorite Fosselman's. However, now might we think twice?

I sampled the salted caramel ice cream and the brown sugar vanilla. Both were great, a distinct but light flavor, huge creaminess although a little icy on the vanilla--but remember, it's just an ice cream truck in less-than-ideal conditions. The store probably has totally different results. There are all sorts of flavors offered from the truck and all of them original. They also serve ice cream sandwiches, which, lets be honest is what i really wanted to try. But as I said, it was still Saturday morning. If only Carmela attended the Santa Monica market which takes place from 8-2pm, now that would be perfect for dessert!

The other problem with me and samples is that if I have one I inevitably buy a product. Especially if an actual human bean is handing them out looking at me expectantly. The first Saturday I saw the truck I was able to get out of purchase by telling them I'd come back after I finished my shopping. The second time though I was an immediate lost cause. I bought the brown sugar vanilla in the tiny little container for $3. It was kind of expensive, but I'm hoping it will be worth it as a nice treat with some blackberries and raspberries throughout the week.

Next time you're at the market or in Pasadena, give the place a try.

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