Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Double-Layer Ice Cream Pie

For the 4th of July this year we made double-layer ice cream pie. Some said it was the best ice cream pie they've ever had--even with Fosselman's! This is quite an achievement for us! Our pie had an oreo cookie crust, a hot fudge layer, a layer of chocolate chip ice cream, and finally a layer of English toffee ice cream. We were planning to serve it with hot fudge on the side but we forgot when it came to serving. But it would be a nice decadent touch!

This time we used Smitten Kitchen's recipe for hot fudge but as many of the comments suggested had a lot of trouble with separation after the fudge cooled so we followed a commenter's suggestion and added a bit more sugar and water and folded the mixture and when it cooled it was actually a great consistency for spreading on pie--don't know about pouring on ice cream but we have enough to try! The fudge was not that sweet even with the additional sugar which was a nice contrast to the ice cream.

The oreo cookie layer was a little thicker than we normally make it but it came out of the pan well so it was fine. The English toffee ice cream was a bit of a stronger flavor but the chocolate chip added a nice contrast. This pie was pretty delicious.

To assemble:
1. Press oreo crust into a buttered glass pie plate. Freeze until set.
2. Spread the hot fudge over the oreo crust and freeze until set.
3. When crust and fudge is set, scoop and spread just less than 1 qt ice cream into the shell. Work quickly so it doesn't melt and freeze immediately when it is finished.
4. When the first layer of ice cream is firm so that ice cream can be spread on top of it, usually 2 hours, spread about 3/4 quart of ice cream over the top, trying to mound in the summer to look like a full pie.
5. Freeze and serve.


Jenny said...

Did you make the ice cream yourself or buy it?

Carrie said...

We made everything from scratch