Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cornish Hens with Bruschetta Panzanela & Broccollini

Cornish Hens are a delectable memory from my childhood. On very special occasions my dad would roast a couple of hens and we would feast! So, when I saw that Cornish hens were on sale I had to buy them. The package came with two which is enough hen to serve 4--or possible 5 if one of your meat eaters is selective.

I chose to make Bobby Flay's recipe for Cornish hens which makes an entire meal so you really don't have to think much about it later. The only change I made was that I used fresh spring garlic (which looks like a spring onion) in the dressing part and as a result I felt that the garlic wasn't really there and didn't stand out much. Also, I was unable to get the roasted garlic to form much of a paste and so the hens didn't taste anything like garlic despite a full head being used. I blanched the broccolini but it didn't really get cooked through so it was pretty crunchy and only the trees were really cooked well.

I liked this recipe but I feel like a lot of things didn't go right for me. It was still delicious, it was just not what I expected based on the recipe reviews. And I mean, what happened to all that garlic?!

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