Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lemon Tart

If Joey & I are assigned to bring dessert somewhere, we often try it out ahead of time and then Joey's work gets a treat.

This time, we tested out some lemon tart early as a test for Easter. This tart took a long time to make and created too many dishes. We don't think it's a winner for Easter but it is delicious and I would eat it if served to me.

Joey was disappointed by the hard to use crust that was too wet to really roll out. I thought that the candied lemon peel--while a fancy touch took entirely too long and didn't look as beautiful as we wished it had. Our panel of tasters thought that the tart was a little too tart and could use a little more sugar. Also, several people removed the candied peels assuming they weren't edible. So much for garnish! If you make this, serve it with whipped cream and maybe candy whole slices of lemons for better effect.

Recipe and more pictures here.

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