Monday, September 13, 2010

Beans on Toast

We recently welcomed a Fresh & Easy Market to our town. I finally got a chance to go and see what the whole store was all about and ran into this little delicacy. Heinz Baked Beans--a variety of beans sold primarily across the ocean in England. The whole reasons the beans stood out to me in a store filled with all sorts of different products, was because I recently read an article about how Heinz had opened up a lounge in Gatwick airport where passengers waiting around can enjoy some beans on toast--the classic British comfort food. Not only did I think it was a spectacular marketing ploy for Heinz' "Welcome Home" campaign, but also I had a new craving for this beans and toast thing--nothing which I had ever even thought of before.

The only similarity between Heinz beans and American baked beans is that the are both beans. The Heinz beans are in a tomato sauce--not a thick bbq style tomato sauce--more of a thin soupy tomato sauce.

I consulted my British colleague before even attempting the classic comfort food beans on toast--and felt pretty ridiculous doing it because it seems like the most straightforward recipe--but I wanted it to be just so. Let me warn you now, beans on toast is about the most un-appetizing looking thing in the world, but taste wise it isn't so bad at all, as long as you can look past the presentation. I don't think my toast (regular sandwich bread) really held up as well as it could have. In the end, I found the dish to taste akin to the American comfort food--tomato soup but with beans in it, with a side of toast...oh and did I mention that we did cheesy beans and toast because supposedly that is the best way?

Beans & Toast
Serves 2

4 slices bread (thicker is better but it must fit in your toaster--well I guess you could toaster-oven it and then you can choose at your discretion)
1 can Heinz Beans (it has to be Heinz beans)
1/4 C Cheddar cheese, shredded

1. Heat beans in saucepan until bubbly. Add cheese and stir.
2. Toast bread
3. Ladle generous portions of beans on toast. Serve warm

And the best part is--you can have it for Breakfast, Lunch OR Dinner!


Sara said...

Did you try it with a fried egg for breakfast?

Carrie said...

No, is that better?