Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cake, no pictures

A few months ago I bookmarked this recipe and set a calendar reminder that read "Consider making complicated cake for Allison's birthday." That same reminder popped up Thursday afternoon. Having completely forgotten the recipe I looked it up. Wowzer, what a doozy! This recipe was three kinds of sweet.

So I baked it, using all the box mixes expecting the worst. Since it was round I couldn't taste it ahead of time. I brought it to work, I waited patiently until 3pm, and sung the awkward office rendition of Happy Birthday and watched as the cake advertised as my baked good was sliced and served. And it was a hit! You only need a tiny piece, but this cake...or perhaps you'd call it a Pacakie is over the top perfection for a birthday celebration.

What is this ooey gooey goodness you ask? The Pacakie is pie crust, filled with a layer of chocolate chip cookie, a layer of cake, and then frosted. It doesn't matter the quality of the ingredients, it is a quick creation that yields utmost deliciousness. I followed this recipe. I used frozen pie crust, Krusteaz Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix and canned Whipped frosting (and a few sprinkles for decoration). Seriously, try this.

There's a lot of extra cake mix left and I also had some cookie dough left. So, I made cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie bottoms. You couldn't even tell from looking there were cookie bottoms, but there was a little crunch, those too were delicious. So even if you fear the Pacakie, try your hand at the cookie cupcake, your friends will love it!

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Nadine said...

It seems absolutely bizarre to me -- in the link, some indicated that there version ended up being gooey -- it sounds like yours was gooey. Is it gooey without being underdone? How long did you bake?