Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Product - Buffalo Mac & Cheese

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We're always looking for the spice of life--in food. We like chicken wings. We like Mac & Cheese. How could it be bad together?

We bought the Mac & Cheese a long time ago, so its possible it isn't even available anymore, but I could be wrong. The box sat on the shelf for a long time before we decided to actually try it. My original excuse was that we didn't have any milk because milk is necessary for a good mac & cheese. However, tonight when we broke out the box it was discovered that this is a water + pasta + sauce packet only. No milk.

It took about 15 minutes to make the mac & cheese from start to finish.

Result: Buy Kraft if you want the nostalgia back...this stuff was spicy and didn't get that satisfying thickness of mac & cheese sauce. We didn't eat the whole thing. But seriously, if it says on the box to get rid of the leftovers can it be good enough for consumers?

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Elizabeth said...

Good to know, I generally like Archer Farms ... their snacks anyways..

I am officially enrolled in the blog.

Recipes forthcoming!