Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peasant Lunch

My mom was staying with me for a couple of days last week and we did a lot of cooking. However, on Saturday we were in the mood for something simple yet delicious for lunch before a birthday party. We decided on a peasant lunch.

We went to Trader Joe's and bought a new cheese that we had never had before. The cheese was white and made with sheep's milk. We cut the cheese into slices and put them on a plate. Then we cut up slices of various other things I had lying around to compliment the cheese.

We sliced up a gigantic avocado from Joey's tree, some pickling cucumbers, a little basil and apples from the Farmer's market that morning and some French bread and sorted it out on a plate. We had some tomato--but it already seemed like too much food so we nixed that. The food turned out to be delicious and just the thing for we hungry two.

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