Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Product - Rinaldi To Be Healthy Pasta Sauce

I decided on Wednesday night because I planned to do all these cooking (zucchini bread, coconut soup), that we needed to have a quick dinner. So I purchased a package of Italian sausage tortellini and a jar of pasta sauce. As usual, I was stumped when I got to the sauce aisle. There are so many choices!

The thing about pasta sauce is that they all taste basically the same unless you make your own or get something fresh and they all come in jars enough for at least 3 lbs of pasta smothered in sauce. The other thing is that once gargantuan jar of sauce is opened it sits in the fridge for weeks until you want to have regular pasta with red sauce again and then you either forget you have the stuff and buy an additional jar, or it has gone bad, or you didn't love it in the first place and are reluctant to finish it off.

This is the dilemma I have about pasta sauce every time I'm in that aisle. So I always aim for a smallish jar that is on sale so it doesn't become a huge deal*. This week, Rinaldi To Be Healthy sauce was on sale. I was intrigued by the addition of omega 3 and then when I checked out the ingredients I saw it contained carrots--extra much needed vegetables in our diet, it was a sign.

This sauce is pretty good. It passed the husband test, it had a nice flavor and I hardly noticed the shreds of carrots, and the sauce seemed like it was healthier than others. It also didn't come in a massive jar--but we still have half left. I would buy this sauce again when I'm in a bind.

*When I feel like doing a smidge more cooking than just boiling water, I make this pasta sauce from Smitten Kitchen and avoid the sauce aisle dilemma altogether and only have to make a decision on which can of tomatoes to buy.

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