Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pretzel Ghosts

When I saw these ghosts on Tastespotting I knew I had to make them. They had such cute faces and looked so fun and easy for a halloween-themed snack.

I sped on over to Michael's and picked up some Candy melts (which is code for white chocolate that melts well and comes in big circles), and some edible food coloring pens. I got the fine tip pens remembering the adorable faces from the Tastespotting photo.

As you can see, I had a tough time getting the faces to work--they certainly weren't half as cute as the ones I saw on the other site. My pens weren't as fine-point as I expected and they either left little mark or made indentations in the white chocolate. I found that the impressionist art worked best, and writing with the side of the pen. I was going to try painting with liquid food coloring but that seemed like too much effort. I got some good ones..just not as adorable as what I thought I could do. Looks like I just need to order a better set of markers...which I might, it can't hurt to have edible markers around right?

In addition to my trouble with the faces, I was unable to get a smooth coating on the pretzel rods. I tried dipping the pretzels into the chocolate coating but it didn't really work that well, it was too thick. As a result, I had to spread the coating on with a knife. I thought it made them look like more realistic ghosts with folds and things--but I wish I could get them to be as smooth as the picture too. I also made some orange ones for variety--those ones looked cool too. I bet you could also dip some in chocolate and call them brooms! These are a delicious and fun snack but not as easy as they appeared.

Pretzel Ghosts
1 package pretzel rods
1 package candy melts - white chocolate (I probably used 1 Cup total of melted chocolate)

1. Melt the candy melts according to package directions (50% power for 1 minute+ until melted) in a tall microwaveable cup
2. Dip one end of pretzel rods into the melted candy. Spread if necessary. Set on a wire rack and let dry 15 minutes.
3. Once sticks are dry, draw on faces with an edible marker. Enjoy!

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Jenny said...

Very cute! And I love white chocolate covered pretzels!